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Don't Want To Pay Capital Gains On

The Sale of Your Property? 


Use A 1031 Exchange.

We Provide 1031 Exchanges for Real Estate Investors 


Granite has a renowned reputation for a personal approach to 1031 Exchanges and wealth management. For over two decades, we have perfected exceptional service. We understand both the subtlety and the complexity of the lives our clients lead.



Granite Exchange provides high-touch investment expertise that centers on diversified solutions and a service-led approach. With an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the tax code, every aspect of our advice from assessment to implementation is tailored to your unique requirements. 

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"Not all Qualified Intermediaries are created equally. Any non-disqualified person can operate as a QI.

Taxpayers should use care in selecting a QI with a good reputation in the industry, experience, nationwide services, and proven financial stability.

Granite is committed to making the 1031 tax deferral process streamlined and educational as well as keeping hard-earned tax dollars in your pocket. 

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Managing Partner & Owner Granite Exchange Services


Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 is one of the single greatest wealth-building tools available to the real estate investor. Section 1031 provides an exception and allows

you to postpone paying tax on the gain if you reinvest the proceeds in similar property as part of qualifying like

kind exchange. Gain deferred in a like kind exchange under

IRC Section 1031 is tax-deferred.


We are experts at navigating the complexities of today’s financial world, we ensure your wealth works for you.

With Over 20 years of experience as a 1031 Exchange Accommodator Granite Exchange has affected over 20,000 1031 Exchanges and saved it's clients hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes.

With a reputation for managing the financial needs of exceptional people, Granite Exchange's unique approach to wealth management centers on objective and pertinent advice, driven by intelligent and trusted relationships.

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  1. Understanding Your Needs

There are four types of 1031 tax-deferred exchanges:

  • Delayed

  • Simultaneous

  • Reverse

  • Improvement

Whether utilizing a Delayed, Simultaneous, Reverse, or Improvement

Granite Exchange has the experience and expertise necessary to guide you successfully.

2. Safety and Security 

With over one billion in assets in control, your security comes first. With the use of fidelity bonding, E&O insurance, segregated escrow accounts, and Two-Factor Authentication we ensure your safety and protection.

3. Wealth Structuring 

REITs, TICs, and DSTs are all different ways that you can invest. We understand that wealth means more than money. Granite Exchange focuses on the governance of wealth. We help our clients navigate the complexities of passing on wealth, and make succession a success.

4. Expert Advice

Each of our Certified Exchange Experts is accredited beyond industry standards, ensuring the highest expertise. We stay up to date on all laws and adapt quickly when the rules change. 

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